WAX (WAXP) Play-to-Earn NFT Game Kolobok: More Ways to Earn Crypto in 2022

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WAX-exclusive Play-to-Earn game Kolobok Adventures by CryptoLions will launch massive updates in 2022 that will give players new ways to earn crypto and collect / trade NFTs. Learn all about the current state of the game and the exciting updates around the corner. WAX io on medium.com brings you the report.

The Adventure Begins — Current Gameplay

Here come the adorable little 8-bit creatures called Koloboks. These feisty little fellas are used in the game Kolobok Adventures, where you can send them off to battle, show off their more delicate side in beauty contests, complete bounties for rewards and breed them for even more fun.

If things go well for you and your companions, you can expect to see some pretty cool rewards, including KBUCKS (the official token of Kolobok Adventures) and more NFTs to trade, use or sell.

Jumping into the adventure is easy, as the entry cost is extraordinarily low — making it the perfect place for both new and old WAX users to get started. Go grab some Koloboks on the secondary market (SimpleMarket, NFTHive) and get in the game today.

Adventure Mode

As the name might suggest, adventure mode is the glue that holds the game together. Here you are able to choose one or more Koloboks and send them off to battle in one of five classic adventures (with Granny & Grandpa, Rabbit, Wolf, Bear and Fox). Additionally, a bonus adventure against a unicorn was launched recently.

Each of them lends unique difficulty levels, which are determined by the Stealth stats of your Koloboks. The higher the Stealth, the greater the chance at success — also, the more wins your Kolobok stashes, the stronger they become (more likely to win high-quality prizes).

The good news is that if they did survive, you have some pretty exciting rewards awaiting you. Depending on the difficulty cleared, you may find a variety of NFTs or KBUCKS.

The bad news is that if they do not succeed, your poor Kolobok dies (a moment of silence for our fallen comrade).

Resurrecting a deceased Kolobok is technically plausible, but pricey. Instead, we recommend breeding to fill the 8-bit sized hole in your heart and your wallet.

Keep your eyes peeled, two brand-new adventures are heading your way in the upcoming months!

Get Breeding

Breeding is an essential piece of the Kolobok puzzle. In order to take part in this activity, you will need at least two Koloboks.

You can pair the two together, and after a set amount of time, a little Kolobok baby will be born. The “child” Kolobok NFT will receive the average of the stats from both “parent” NFTs, so you can strategically breed for a greater result. Of course, each “child” will be entirely unique as some degree of randomness is also involved.

Upon creation, you can name it, if you so choose, and the blockchain will record all data from your family tree for you to revisit at a later time.

If you have some KBUCKS on hand and wish to make the romantic date more successful, you can apply various Breeding Enhancers.

However, keep in mind that there is a 60% chance that your child will not survive the process and will be born dead — use your KBUCKS wisely!

Beauty Contests

Beauty contests are the best way to flaunt your stuff and show the world how awesome you are.

In this mode, you will pick your favorite Kolobok and let users from around the globe score your NFT. There is a KBUCKS entrance fee, however, the amount put towards entering the contest will also reflect your Kolobok’s starting score.

Become the most popular and make it to the leaderboards — scores decrease 10% every day, but if you can maintain the number one spot for 24 hours, you’ll see a reward of 100 KBUCKS!

Participation in the Beauty Contest also increases the chances of getting Legendary NFT prizes in the extra adventure with a Unicorn (the most beautiful Kolobok has a 100% chance to win the prize).

Leverage Bounties

Looking to get your hands on some extra KBUCKS? Bounties are the perfect way to clear out your unwanted inventory of Kolobok NFTs in exchange for the currency. Completing a bounty will burn the select items, removing them from the blockchain permanently.

Here’s the catch — there are only a select number of bounties and payouts that can be completed per month. Check back at the beginning of each month and act fast to secure your rewards.

K2: Kolobok Adventures Remastered

Now, let’s deep-dive into the juicy updates heading your way.

Not only are we going to be seeing some enhancements to existing modes — we are also going to be introduced to new ways to play, including PvP, a story mode and exciting crafting elements to take you to the top.

*The following updates are due to roll out between quarter two and quarter three of 2022 and are all subject to change.

Player vs. Player

It’s time to get your Kolobok team together and dominate the competition. This PvP mode will allow you to go head-to-head with other players to take home prizes and claim victory.

Put your thinking cap on, strategy and logic can be used to help you overcome obstacles. Each player will choose and arrange their finest Koloboks, and send them into the arena and duke it out with rivals.

Whoever comes out victorious will receive a prize, plus some pretty rad bragging rights.


PvP brawls can only happen inside of somebody’s arena, and it takes the experience to the next level by allowing you to actually own a customizable part of the game.

That’s right, we’re talking about choosing how you want to play. You will have the option to charge higher fees to engage in PvP, and in return, distribute greater rewards to the winning team — or you can play the other side of the coin and have a more affordable arena with lower quality rewards.

Additionally, arena owners can dictate the number of Koloboks to be sent to battle, whether it be 3 vs 3, 5 vs 5 or more. And if that’s not enough, hosting an arena will automatically reward you with KBUCKS, regardless if you win or lose.

Either create your own battleground or browse the listings to find one to your liking. The possibilities are endless!

Story Mode

If PvP isn’t quite to your liking, K2 is getting an overhaul to the single-player aspect.

Arm your Kolobok and begin your trek to Valhalla — similar to the original adventure mode, you will be able to select and send a Kolobok to fight in your stead, traversing through deadly territories and fighting epic enemies.

This mode, unlike the standard adventure mode, does play more like a story, having both a start and a finish. With levels becoming increasingly difficult on your travels to Valhalla, you will need to equip your Koloboks with enhanced items that can be made through crafting (more on this below).

Reaching Valhalla presents a whole host of benefits to you, starting with the reward of both KBUCKS and WAXP. Additionally, if your Kolobok completes it (and it’s designed to be hard), you’ll get a valuable prize for staking and game governance.

Game governance will involve voting on what you think carries the most value in the K2 universe — such as adventures, bounties, redeemable NFTs, beauty contests, PvP brawls and all the other modes available, and directing WAXP and/or KBUCKS toward those parts of the game.

These votes are bound to make an inherent difference in the K2 universe, so choose wisely.

Crafting & Anvils

As the game’s difficulty level rises, so too does the importance of crafting in your upcoming K2 journey.

If you’ve hit a brick wall and are unable to make it past a certain point, you may want to take a look at your inventory. Different crafting recipes are to be made available that, when used, will combine two or more ingredients to create a newer, more powerful NFT to be used by your Koloboks in their endeavors — increasing your chances at success.

However, you’ll need an anvil for your crafting. As with Arena’s, players who actually own (and profit from) the anvils allow other players to craft.

All-in-all, these game modes and extra mechanics are sure to bring K2 to life in a new and exciting way!

K2 Governance — Building an Economy

The icing on the cake is how fluid the P2E experience seems to be. Between winning NFTs, KBUCKS and WAXP, how you earn is up to you, and other players like you. Owners of certain Kolobok NFTs will vote to determine the funding levels of different parts of the games.

Keep in mind, collectible NFTs are fully stakeable through K2 to generate passive KBUCKS — unless you’d rather sell them on the secondary market. Plus, it’s important to mention that KBUCKS can easily be exchanged for WAXP.

The more you play, the higher your potential for receiving real and substantial rewards.

It seems that the CryptoLions team is hell-bent on letting their user base determine what they find to be of importance. As briefly mentioned before, completing the journey to Valhalla will allow you to place your vote on what you think should hold more weight in the K2 universe.

Having a community-run economy is the shiny red bow on top that rounds off the brand-new, exciting user experience.

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